Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Descisons, decisions, decisions...

So I have decided to use this recently rediscovered blog to try and have a central point for my online adventures. Mainly because when people ask me if I have a blog, or website, I get very confused thinking about whether I should send them to my LJ, twitter, or one of my project sites. I figure if people come here they can figure out the rest themselves. Or something.

Plus, it means I can get away with only one URL on the "funiness cards" I have made for D*C. ;)

Apparently I am not posting enough about all the aweseome TV and Movies I have been watching. :/At some point, I might look at breaking out into a "reviews" type blog, but for the time being, I shall endeavour to put anything interesting here - or at least post a link. :)

Amy/Hijinx does all this bloggy stuff way better than me. I may have to bug her for tips on streamlining things to make everything more accessible.

I have opted for the "Adult Content" setting in case I use naughty bad words at any point.


Majandra said...

I'm your first follower! Whoop!

Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily do the blogging thing "better" - I just do it a lot more in a lot of different places :p I repeatedly revamp old blogs and start new ones. They're like shiny new toys!! :)