Friday, December 25, 2009



John Simm is all kinds of awesome.

Also? Bernard Cribbins FTW!


God bless the BBC!

All geeking aside, I think there are some obvious (and not so obvious) parallels to be drawn between the Son of God and the last of the Timelords.

I hope that everyone, be they religiously-minded or otherwise, spread joy and happiness on this special day, and if you're not keen on the lessons of Jesus, at least have a little think about what The Doctor has taught us.

Happy Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009



Classic finale. :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Saw AVATAR tonight in 3D. Loved it.

Definitely one of the must-see movies of... forever, really.

I know it has been hugely hyped, but if people can get over their preconception that it's "a sci-fi movie" in the same way that people got over Titanic being "a movie about a boat that sinks", then this is going to take a shitload of money at the box office.

The 3D work is mindblowing, simple as that. Far from simply having "some cool 3D effects", the 3D element breathes life into Cameron's creation for the entirely of the movie.

The story is strong and solid despite being pretty predictable in places, but that works just fine, in fact that it has taken Cameron so long to make the movie actually speaks volumes for the story itself - he obviously had this idea a long time ago and it feels very apt and relevant today. I think that the surprising simplicity of the plot really helps, in that it really is a movie that everyone should be able to appreciate, not just something for sci-fi fans.

The effects? The effects speak for themselves. Go see it.

All the lead actors give outstanding performances, and imho Zoe SaldaƱa deserves an Oscar nomination for her work here. What would be an award worthy performance in and of itself is elevated by the fact that her physical form in the film is 100% computer generated. Incredible.

I am actually looking forward to seeing it in 2D, as I am intrigued as to whether the story will be as strong without such amazing visuals, seeing as pretty much all the special effects seemed to be created to serve the story, rather than the other way round (yes Transformers 2, I am looking at you!)

All things considered, this could well give Star Trek a run for it's money as my Film Of The Year.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


So I finally got the chance to watch the latest episode, and while I can't in all honesty say I loved it (I felt that the main mission-of-the-week felt a little too familiar and found it far too easy to figure out how it tied in to the Big Bad Season Arc), it was largely redeemed by the final act, in particular the incredible editing of a particular scene which really brought the viewer right into the action and confusion of the climax.

The above sentence is deliberately long in an attempt to illustrate what I mean... it's like it didn't pause for.. visual punctutation, so to speak. While Spooks has always had it's fair share of tense and suspenseful moments, it doesn't often feel this frenetic. I was literally on the egde of my seat. Brilliant.

As for that Big Bad Season Arc, we now know pretty much what The Evil Plan is, and OMG?!WTF?! we only have one episode left for Harry and the team to stop them!!!

The preview for the season finale? EPIC.

PS I want a Very Special Episode where Lucas North and Jack Bauer team up.

Thursday, December 10, 2009



Okay so it's not got spies or explosions or time-travel but this needs mentioning.

As mid-season finales go, that was bloody incredible!!!

My mind is actually having trouble interpreting the thoughts into words regarding just how blown away I was by Lea Michell's rendition of Rain On My Parade. I did NOT see that coming and it knocked me for six!

In fact I was most relieved when the rest of the kids came into the auditorum partway through because up until the I was somehwat mesmerised in stunned silence at just how.. perfect it was. Not only did it stand up vocally in and of itself, but it was just utterly in character for Rachel after all she had been through during the season. Genius choice of song and I think the perfomance beats out a previous favourite of mine (by Aimie Atkinson at finals of BBC Voice Of Musical Theate competition a few years ago).

As well as that, some great songs (as usual) and some HUGE plot turns which will doubtless have people eager to tune in again when the season continues next year.

In Sue Sylvester, Jane Lynch has truly created a monster, and I'm not sure what pleases me the most, seeing her taken down a peg or two or watching her juicy comebacks. Truly a character to love to hate and clear standout of the finle, despite the limited screen time.

Jayma Mays is simply adorable. ADORABLE!

That the final moments managed to achive such poignancy despite being so deeply soaked in the cheese that Gleeks have been sampling on a regular basis is a great testament to the show being far more than the sum of it's parts.

Logically it shouldn't work, but it just kinda... does.

It will be a looooooooooooooong wait until the spring. :(

Saturday, December 05, 2009

BBC Christmas Ident

I think it's bloody genius!


I had to record this last night and watch this morning as I wasn't feling well, but it was well worth the wait!!

In fact this 6th episode might well have been my favourite of the season so far. By combining what would have been a solid mission-of-the-week in and of itself with the larger story arc, I think it managed to be more than the sum of it's parts and really pushed the OMGness of this year's seasonal mystery into a timely frenzy.

I thought the Sarah/Lucas showdown was perfectly scripted and utterly convincing, and Harry's concern/support for the Home Secretay was just wonderfully played.

While the trailer for next weeks looks at first glance to be very standalone, I think if you consider the implications, the proverbial shit is really going to be hitting the fan!

It just sucks that couple of weeks from now it will all be over for another year. :(

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Spooks Season 9 confirmed!

On Saturday I embarked on a secret highly classfied mission to attend the Collectormania event in London and obtain Peter Firth's autograph.

Not only was this mission a success, but when I casually enquired as to whether he thought the BBC might commsion another year of the show, he told me that they were, it had been confirmed to him recently and he is due to start filming in February!


He also agreed with me that given the brilliance of the show it would only be right for the powers-that-be to give it a tenth as it is thoroughly deserving of a decade. By the sound of it if they did he would definitely want to be on board. Here's hoping that Harry Pearce will be protecting us for a good while yet.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This is totally brilliant. If you haven't watched it yet, do so now!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I will admit that last week I was a little dissapointed with 8x03 (notwithstanding the incedible final scenes) at first, as it felt far too reminiscent of the consulate/hostages scenario in 1x03. However upon reflection I have formed the opnion that it was more homage to that early mission, than a retread/remake, as the meat and motives of the story were very current... is, it would now apear, the developing seasonal arc. Those of who have been aware of my SPOOKS love for some time may recall how much more I seem to love the show since they made the decison a couple of years back to weave a continues threat throughout each series, underpinning the MOTWs. While this year's arc has yet to reach the impact of last year's "Sugarhorse" intruige, some key events this week surely set the stage for some serious shit to hit the proverbial fan over the next few weeks.

A special mention has to go to Richard Armitage this week for some seriously subtle skills (and alright, his less than subtle naked bum).

However... ARGH!!! I can't believe we are already halfway through this new Season!

Time to start praying that the BBC see fit to comission a ninth series.

I would hope that if/when they do decide to close the doors on Seaction D, that they ill know ahead of time so as to give the series a fitting finale.

None of that crazy cliffhanger nonsense that Code 9 ended on please!!!!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


"Next Wednesday" is now... TONIGHT!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I am so tired!

I am finally back in the UK after what still feels like a whirlwind trip to Atlanta and New York, but was actually 10 days of adventures in the land of the Dollar. I swear time travels at a different speed in New York... things felt as if they were happening at a fairly relaxed pace, but watches and clocks told a different story!

I had an absolute blast at Dragon*Con. It was great to catch up with old freinds as well as make a whole bunch of new ones. Brief special mentions to Blast and Cipher (for being like, totally AWESOME - I know, right? ;) ), G-Bob (our ships no longer pass silently in the night... or something), Alex (aka BoyBand aka NAKED MAN!), Grant (CHOCOLATE SALTY BALLS!!!), Lauren (I still feel bad about the Epic Text Message FAIL-age), The UK Frakers (Cuppa Tea? Cuppa Tea?), and The Doctor & Rose (you WIN at lookalikeyness!).

My only real regret is that I totally FAILED to control my sleeping habits, which resulted in a pretty exhausted Partyman from Saturday onwards. Apologies to all those with whom I did not get to spend enough time, and all those who I may have made a less than stellar impression on, due to my slurred speech and extreme paleness!!

So while at Dragon*Con I...

Learned that having a Roomate Who Is Kinda Hot can lead to all kinds of fun adventures.... Conversed with Gareth David Lloyd, and almost forgot I was a Huge Torchwood Fan..... Missed everything that happened before 6pm on Saturday due to being Not Very Well.... Received New York sightseeing advice from Mary McDonnell....Mumbled like a Fanboy after finally getting to meet Kandyse McClure... Encountered loads of people pointing at and commenting on my DALEK DALEK TRUCK T-Shirt.... Struggled to think of something clever/funny for Felicia Day to sign on a photo... Held onto my bladder for dear life at the TCF/BSG party... Failed to encounter Aaron Douglas whatsoever, despite being assured repeatedly that he really was there.... Sat on two LOST Fan Panels to completely packed out rooms... Discovered I have latent psychic powers.... Played at being a handler for Hot Girls In Costume.... Laughed and Laughed and Laughed at the Worst Aquaman Costume Ever. Again.... Drank. A lot.

I am sure I will write more on a few things when my mind is in better working order. :)

New York was AMAZING. I can't believe I had never been before (I have been wanting to for years now), and I will definitely be trying to return soon. Loved it.

It was a very different dynamic to the D*C adventures, as it was just myself and my friend, so we were left to our own devices to explore and discover the city that never sleeps (they weren't lying about that were they!)

Amongst other things we walked a lot, got lost on the subway, saw Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig perform on Broadway (BRILLIANT), ate in a revolving restuarant, saw the city at night from the top of the Rockerfller Tower, went to Staten Island and back purely for the Ferry ride, discovered "The Gug" is closed on Thursdays, survived a rodent in our room (Hotel FAIL!) posed for pics with a REAL LIFE POLAR BEAR (!!!!!) and shopped (a lot!).

While not without flaws (things stolen from my luggage, airport check-in problems, the aforementioned rodent, etc) it was such a wonderful trip. I'm not sure I would do another combo-trip again though, as I think I would have loved NY even more if I had not been so tired from D*C!

Pictures and more details to follow.... sometime. ;)

Did I mention I was tired?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Off to America for this year's Dragon*Con, and then my first ever visist to New York!

Looking forward to catching up with friends, seeing the Statue of Liberty, and mostly, NOT HAVING TO WORK. :)

I'll see some of you at the weekend!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Speaking of Avatars...

I absolutely love this. Felicia Day is a bloody genius.

This inspired me to finally get around to watching The Guild, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

To everyone who told me it was great, you are permitted a collective "I told you so!!!!". ;)

Avatar Trailer

So James Cameron finally unveiled a public trailer for his first proper movie since Titanic....

WOW. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

Even in 2D and on my tiny* little monitor this just looks so... real!

*well, compared to the size of a GIANT CINEMA SCREEN, at least.

Is it December yet?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Descisons, decisions, decisions...

So I have decided to use this recently rediscovered blog to try and have a central point for my online adventures. Mainly because when people ask me if I have a blog, or website, I get very confused thinking about whether I should send them to my LJ, twitter, or one of my project sites. I figure if people come here they can figure out the rest themselves. Or something.

Plus, it means I can get away with only one URL on the "funiness cards" I have made for D*C. ;)

Apparently I am not posting enough about all the aweseome TV and Movies I have been watching. :/At some point, I might look at breaking out into a "reviews" type blog, but for the time being, I shall endeavour to put anything interesting here - or at least post a link. :)

Amy/Hijinx does all this bloggy stuff way better than me. I may have to bug her for tips on streamlining things to make everything more accessible.

I have opted for the "Adult Content" setting in case I use naughty bad words at any point.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Well hello there!

Imagine my surprise when I set about creating a blog on blogger, only discover I already had one one!

In a related category, I found parody lyrics for more than an album's worth of songs that I had also totally forgotten about. The Timberlake-riffing My Lost looks to be particularly fun, albeit hugely outdated (makes reference to Sun being pregnant, and the show being on Thursday Nights, which was whole seasons ago). Other hugely outdated lyrical references were found in Find 815, and The Magic Number(s) (which looked to be written between S3 and S4).

Anyways, Namaste!