Saturday, December 05, 2009


I had to record this last night and watch this morning as I wasn't feling well, but it was well worth the wait!!

In fact this 6th episode might well have been my favourite of the season so far. By combining what would have been a solid mission-of-the-week in and of itself with the larger story arc, I think it managed to be more than the sum of it's parts and really pushed the OMGness of this year's seasonal mystery into a timely frenzy.

I thought the Sarah/Lucas showdown was perfectly scripted and utterly convincing, and Harry's concern/support for the Home Secretay was just wonderfully played.

While the trailer for next weeks looks at first glance to be very standalone, I think if you consider the implications, the proverbial shit is really going to be hitting the fan!

It just sucks that couple of weeks from now it will all be over for another year. :(

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I can't wait. Your review makes me me want to see it as soon as possible. Bur I'll have to delay my watching after dinner tonight... I need calm and concentration to enjoy every single emotion...Thanks for sharing!