Thursday, December 10, 2009



Okay so it's not got spies or explosions or time-travel but this needs mentioning.

As mid-season finales go, that was bloody incredible!!!

My mind is actually having trouble interpreting the thoughts into words regarding just how blown away I was by Lea Michell's rendition of Rain On My Parade. I did NOT see that coming and it knocked me for six!

In fact I was most relieved when the rest of the kids came into the auditorum partway through because up until the I was somehwat mesmerised in stunned silence at just how.. perfect it was. Not only did it stand up vocally in and of itself, but it was just utterly in character for Rachel after all she had been through during the season. Genius choice of song and I think the perfomance beats out a previous favourite of mine (by Aimie Atkinson at finals of BBC Voice Of Musical Theate competition a few years ago).

As well as that, some great songs (as usual) and some HUGE plot turns which will doubtless have people eager to tune in again when the season continues next year.

In Sue Sylvester, Jane Lynch has truly created a monster, and I'm not sure what pleases me the most, seeing her taken down a peg or two or watching her juicy comebacks. Truly a character to love to hate and clear standout of the finle, despite the limited screen time.

Jayma Mays is simply adorable. ADORABLE!

That the final moments managed to achive such poignancy despite being so deeply soaked in the cheese that Gleeks have been sampling on a regular basis is a great testament to the show being far more than the sum of it's parts.

Logically it shouldn't work, but it just kinda... does.

It will be a looooooooooooooong wait until the spring. :(

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