Thursday, December 17, 2009


Saw AVATAR tonight in 3D. Loved it.

Definitely one of the must-see movies of... forever, really.

I know it has been hugely hyped, but if people can get over their preconception that it's "a sci-fi movie" in the same way that people got over Titanic being "a movie about a boat that sinks", then this is going to take a shitload of money at the box office.

The 3D work is mindblowing, simple as that. Far from simply having "some cool 3D effects", the 3D element breathes life into Cameron's creation for the entirely of the movie.

The story is strong and solid despite being pretty predictable in places, but that works just fine, in fact that it has taken Cameron so long to make the movie actually speaks volumes for the story itself - he obviously had this idea a long time ago and it feels very apt and relevant today. I think that the surprising simplicity of the plot really helps, in that it really is a movie that everyone should be able to appreciate, not just something for sci-fi fans.

The effects? The effects speak for themselves. Go see it.

All the lead actors give outstanding performances, and imho Zoe SaldaƱa deserves an Oscar nomination for her work here. What would be an award worthy performance in and of itself is elevated by the fact that her physical form in the film is 100% computer generated. Incredible.

I am actually looking forward to seeing it in 2D, as I am intrigued as to whether the story will be as strong without such amazing visuals, seeing as pretty much all the special effects seemed to be created to serve the story, rather than the other way round (yes Transformers 2, I am looking at you!)

All things considered, this could well give Star Trek a run for it's money as my Film Of The Year.

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Baz said...

I'm a bit slow on the uptake of Avatar, I waited and waiting until a pirate copy that was watchable came out. I didn't want to pay the extortionate amount of cash for the "3D" of any movie.. No matter how good or who did it. so, my comments are slight off because I didn't see it in all its glory, however, I was watching for the story, for the acting etc.. and here Cameron does what he does in all of his films. Not very much!

Acting is poor. Main character could be played by anyone; the lead didn't bring anything to the role that I haven't seen in any 'nam type film from the 80's. Even Ms Weaver, of whom I'm normally a fan was very wooden.

Let's be frank, Cameron has only done 2 good films. Terminator, and Terminator 2.

Anyone who watches Alien, then Aliens can see how Ridley Scott's artistic direction, vision and pace was raped by Cameron’s eagerness to create a shoot 'em up.

Titanic was a film that had no reason for being.. True Lies! er.. Do I really have to say anything about that?

We are talking about a man who has created an entire career from special effects.. A killer robot, a watery alien, an unsinkable ship, oh and now an alien landscape.. arghhh.. Did this man even watch Ridley Scott’s Alien? Did he even take any notice at all of the lighting, the direction, the acting, the pace, the subtleties? NO.. Instead he gets a big gun and just lays waste to the most expensive sets ever built..

Avatar is no exception.. ‘cept this time, the sets are in a computer model. The story is shambolic to say the least, it’s the same story as a million and one other films.. Words can't explain how average this film is. It's only redeeming feature must be the 3D quality because I'm not sure why else anyone would want to see it.