Friday, December 25, 2009



John Simm is all kinds of awesome.

Also? Bernard Cribbins FTW!


Baz said...

Bernard used to be in one of the original dr.who's.. it would have been great to see him reprise that roll

NotclownJoker said...

I hated this episode with two exceptions, the coffee shop scene and the last ten minutes. Those were brilliant.

The Partyman said...

Baz, that could have been awesome, but given that the Dr. Who movie Cribbins was in was not canon to the TV show (niether of the Peter Cushing movies were)so I am sure it would have confused and/or annoyed a lot of the longtime fans.

He is the ONLY actor to have the hat-trick of being in Doctor who on Film, Telvesivions, and radio (he did an audio adventure a few years ago).

The Partyman said...

Bohler! I think the two things you mentioned more than made up for the weakness of much of the rest. ;)

Though yes, they were blatantly the *best bits*, though personally I also totally loved the Master/Doctor exchange before he got TimelordNapped.

Considering that it had to be made Christmas-Friendly, they did a really good job with it.

The only thing I hated was the "Doctor gets attacked by OAPs" stuff, it seemed oddly scripted and poorly delivered.

To be fair though, all this is just to setup for next week, which whether we all love it all or not is surely going to be EPIC!

Michael Reid said...

The aliens were a bit rubbish but apart from that a great episode and part 2 was so much better!
Goodbye Mr Tennant!