Sunday, September 13, 2009


I am so tired!

I am finally back in the UK after what still feels like a whirlwind trip to Atlanta and New York, but was actually 10 days of adventures in the land of the Dollar. I swear time travels at a different speed in New York... things felt as if they were happening at a fairly relaxed pace, but watches and clocks told a different story!

I had an absolute blast at Dragon*Con. It was great to catch up with old freinds as well as make a whole bunch of new ones. Brief special mentions to Blast and Cipher (for being like, totally AWESOME - I know, right? ;) ), G-Bob (our ships no longer pass silently in the night... or something), Alex (aka BoyBand aka NAKED MAN!), Grant (CHOCOLATE SALTY BALLS!!!), Lauren (I still feel bad about the Epic Text Message FAIL-age), The UK Frakers (Cuppa Tea? Cuppa Tea?), and The Doctor & Rose (you WIN at lookalikeyness!).

My only real regret is that I totally FAILED to control my sleeping habits, which resulted in a pretty exhausted Partyman from Saturday onwards. Apologies to all those with whom I did not get to spend enough time, and all those who I may have made a less than stellar impression on, due to my slurred speech and extreme paleness!!

So while at Dragon*Con I...

Learned that having a Roomate Who Is Kinda Hot can lead to all kinds of fun adventures.... Conversed with Gareth David Lloyd, and almost forgot I was a Huge Torchwood Fan..... Missed everything that happened before 6pm on Saturday due to being Not Very Well.... Received New York sightseeing advice from Mary McDonnell....Mumbled like a Fanboy after finally getting to meet Kandyse McClure... Encountered loads of people pointing at and commenting on my DALEK DALEK TRUCK T-Shirt.... Struggled to think of something clever/funny for Felicia Day to sign on a photo... Held onto my bladder for dear life at the TCF/BSG party... Failed to encounter Aaron Douglas whatsoever, despite being assured repeatedly that he really was there.... Sat on two LOST Fan Panels to completely packed out rooms... Discovered I have latent psychic powers.... Played at being a handler for Hot Girls In Costume.... Laughed and Laughed and Laughed at the Worst Aquaman Costume Ever. Again.... Drank. A lot.

I am sure I will write more on a few things when my mind is in better working order. :)

New York was AMAZING. I can't believe I had never been before (I have been wanting to for years now), and I will definitely be trying to return soon. Loved it.

It was a very different dynamic to the D*C adventures, as it was just myself and my friend, so we were left to our own devices to explore and discover the city that never sleeps (they weren't lying about that were they!)

Amongst other things we walked a lot, got lost on the subway, saw Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig perform on Broadway (BRILLIANT), ate in a revolving restuarant, saw the city at night from the top of the Rockerfller Tower, went to Staten Island and back purely for the Ferry ride, discovered "The Gug" is closed on Thursdays, survived a rodent in our room (Hotel FAIL!) posed for pics with a REAL LIFE POLAR BEAR (!!!!!) and shopped (a lot!).

While not without flaws (things stolen from my luggage, airport check-in problems, the aforementioned rodent, etc) it was such a wonderful trip. I'm not sure I would do another combo-trip again though, as I think I would have loved NY even more if I had not been so tired from D*C!

Pictures and more details to follow.... sometime. ;)

Did I mention I was tired?


Jonathan Thomas said...

I'm the American who you stood in the line forever with whom has an unhealthy obsession with the Brits (I run It was a pleasure to meet you and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the rest of your time in the US.

Erin said...

I'm so glad Cipher and I could bring such a useful phrase to Wales. When I get there I hope to hear everyone saying it! Erin /Blast

The Partyman said...

How bad is it that I only spotted these comments just now. Ooops.
I so need to post more... sadly have ben on something of a downer since D*C etc (as I am sure you can imagine, it was just so awesome!!!!)

Jonathan!!! Great to meet you too buddy, definitely added positively to the whole "waiting in line" experience!

Erin, you get your ass over here and you can hear whatever phrases you like! ;)

Erin said...

lol, I will, dont you worry! Maybe after dragoncon next year? I think that would be perfect. :) E