Sunday, November 22, 2009


I will admit that last week I was a little dissapointed with 8x03 (notwithstanding the incedible final scenes) at first, as it felt far too reminiscent of the consulate/hostages scenario in 1x03. However upon reflection I have formed the opnion that it was more homage to that early mission, than a retread/remake, as the meat and motives of the story were very current... is, it would now apear, the developing seasonal arc. Those of who have been aware of my SPOOKS love for some time may recall how much more I seem to love the show since they made the decison a couple of years back to weave a continues threat throughout each series, underpinning the MOTWs. While this year's arc has yet to reach the impact of last year's "Sugarhorse" intruige, some key events this week surely set the stage for some serious shit to hit the proverbial fan over the next few weeks.

A special mention has to go to Richard Armitage this week for some seriously subtle skills (and alright, his less than subtle naked bum).

However... ARGH!!! I can't believe we are already halfway through this new Season!

Time to start praying that the BBC see fit to comission a ninth series.

I would hope that if/when they do decide to close the doors on Seaction D, that they ill know ahead of time so as to give the series a fitting finale.

None of that crazy cliffhanger nonsense that Code 9 ended on please!!!!!

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Baz said...

I'm still to see series 6 and 7.. however I would really like to see the return of Tom.. Especially since Ruth has returned.. If he showed up.. well let's just say.. things would really kick off!!