Friday, April 30, 2010

Iron Man 2

I have to blog about this, not only because it was great fun, but also because I just realised that the Americans don't get to see it until May 7th! *neener neener*


Maybe not as great a movie in it's own right as the first IM movie (though in all fairness it does stand very well on it's own), it is most definitely a worthy sequel. The effects are great without seeming wanky, with a nice grounding in reality. As set up in the first movie, you do buy that these tchnologies are real and working in the real world - a a benefit of Tony Stark not being superpowered, more super-brained.

All the cast are simply brilliant, but it is unsurprising that Downey Jr again steals the show as Tony Stark. If the first IM movie was about Stary becoming Iron Man, the second could be said to be about Iron Man rediscovering Tony Stark.

I really enjoyed it, and definitely hope to catch it on a big screen again.

Slighty Spoilery tidbits below, as involuntarily from myself and my Cinema!Buddy.
(nothing very spoilery if you have seen the trailers)

Me: "Iron Man 2... does that mean there are two of them?"
Cinema!Buddy: ""SHHHHH DON'T SPOIL IT!"
Me: "What?!?!? There are two of them????!!!!"

Me: "Ohhh hellooooooo!"
Cinema!Buddy: *hits me*

Me: "Omg the thing is gonna be the thing for the thing and thing the thing!!!!"

Cinema!Buddy: "Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!"

Me: "Stop. Hammer time".

Me: "I bet there are gonna be lots of those costumes at Dragon*Con this year"
Cinema!Buddy: *nods*

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